Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sneezes and nostalgia

Spring has finally sprung!  After a long and cold-ish [I add the "ish" because the South doesn't quite do winter like the North...sorry ya'll...] winter, it's a wonderful thing to be able to venture outside in the morning without a coat or an ice scraper to shave off layers of frost from your car windows.  Spring brings joys such as trees blooming, bumblebees buzzing, birds tweeting [the old-school kind of tweets], and sunshine.  Unfortunately, it also brings thick coats of pollen that coat your car much like the ice did a few weeks back.  And, unlike the ice which is merely presents a time delay as you scrape it from your car, the pollen packs a bigger punch.  Sneezing...itchy eyes...itchy throat...I feel like an animated patient in that allergy commercial with the bee who has the voice of Antonio Banderas.  Ah well...pollen and wasps are some of the dues we must pay to welcome in the warmer weather.  Truth be told, I would much rather have the sneezing than the snow.  Now, the wasps...they can all take a long walk [or fly?] off a short pier.

Anyway...as one may probably be able to tell - I have started a blog.  Impressive, non?  Ok, maybe not.  But seeing my fiance starting up a blog...reading the couple others that I have bookmarked on my desktop...really made me miss my Xanga.  Anyone remember Xanga?  Mine still exists...I can't quite bring myself to shut it down before pulling all the posts off and saving them somewhere for posterity.  I mean, my entire college career and grad school life is documented within those posts.  Lots of memories...both good and bad.  If people still read Xanga I would totally reactivate it and start adding posts.  Unfortunately, the web world has moved on and there are now "bigger and better" blogging tools. 

So - hello, Blogger.  I hope you can live up to Xanga.  You got some big shoes to fill.   


  1. you used to have an even better journal....remember our livejournal??? those were the days!!!

  2. Livejournal...Deadjournal...Xanga...Blogger...I've done 'em all. :)