Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend in macon, ya'll

random observations from my spring break weekend spent in macon with my folks and hubby-to-be:

- 15 is the perfect number of chicken wings - not left hungry...but not too full.  too many chicken wings, you say?  i say you are missing out if you skimp on the wings.

- tornado sirens are a lot easier to deal with when you're sleeping through them - none of this knowledge of potentially imminent death crap.

- david's bridal is a foot discriminator - they obviously don't care to help you if you come in for anything other than buying a wedding dress and they don't carry my size in shoes.  boo hiss.

- melting pot restaurants are da

- bentleys, jaguars and maseratis - oh boy!  jimmy choos, versace, gucci - oh boy!  shopping in buckhead [where atlanta's rich and famous reside] was an exercise in Pretty Woman clerks size you up on one glance and deem you unworthy.  boo hiss.

- i have an addiction to buying books...i resisted this said addiction today when i found out that patrick rothfuss's sequal to "Name in the Wind" is FINALLY out...but, still rather sad that i don't have its crisp pages to turn tonight...some other time, Kvothe...some other time.

my time in macon always goes by so more day that will be gone in the blink of an eye.  

...tomorrow's a busy day...

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  1. In case you all didn't know... I'M the "hubby-to-be." Boo Ya suckas!!!